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title 野上智行機構長
President  NOGAMI Tomoyuki PhD  


Originally established in July 1991 as the National Institution for Academic Degrees, the National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation (NIAD-UE) was reorganized under its current name in 2000and became an incorporated administrative agency in 2004.

The environment surrounding higher education in Japan has changed considerably. In FY2004, national universities were incorporated as national university corporations; in addition, an obligation was imposed on all universities, junior colleges, and colleges of technology to undergo evaluation by an evaluation organization certifi ed by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Amid this situation, NIAD-UE has primarily carried out activities focused on university evaluation and the awarding of degrees, in order to improve the standard of education and research at universities and colleges, and achieve a society in which diverse learning outcomes at the higher education level are evaluated appropriately, thereby contributing to the development of higher education in Japan.

University Evaluation

NIAD-UE has been accredited by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as a certified evaluation and accreditation organization for the evaluation of universities, colleges of technology,and law schools; from FY2005 to date, a total of 186 universities, 109 colleges of technology, and 55 law schools have been evaluated on the basis of evaluation criteria set forth by NIAD-UE, and the results of these evaluations have been published. Moreover, at the request of MEXT’s National University Corporation Evaluation Committee, NIAD-UE is evaluating the education and research performance of national university corporations and inter-university research institute corporations in the Committee’s evaluations of the performance of their duties during the mid-term objective period. In the future, NIAD-UE intends to continue to carry out evaluations that will enable the universities and colleges that it has evaluated to engage in more dynamic education and research activities, as well as improving the standard thereof.


Awarding of Degrees

NIAD-UE has achieved steady progress as well in the awarding of degrees by using an accurate screening process. Since it first awarded degrees in March 1992, NIAD-UE has awarded degrees to more than 60,000 people. NIAD-UE awards two types of degrees: (1) degrees awarded to graduates of junior colleges and colleges of technology, and to those who have successfully completed courses at professional training colleges that meet requirements prescribed by MEXT (Bachelor’s degrees); (2) degrees awarded to those who have successfully completed courses at educational institutions operated by government ministries and agencies that NIAD-UE considers equivalent to university undergraduate programs or master’s or doctoral programs (Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees). NIAD-UE intends to continue to award academic degrees appropriately, and to contribute to the development of diverse learning opportunities at the higher education level in Japan. For example, in FY2015, NIAD-UE is introducing a special provision concerning evaluation of the awarding of academic degrees based on learning outcomes in advanced courses validated by NIAD-UE, in which students are expected to complete the course in question.

Concerning Collaboration in Quality Assurance

To support quality assurance in higher education institutions, NIAD-UE works in partnership with universities and colleges in acquiring, arranging, and distributing information concerning quality assurance in higher education both in Japan and overseas, using a variety of channels, including the Japanese College and University Portraits, which is a common data portal for publishing and utilizing information about education at universities and colleges in Japan. NIAD-UE also collates and publishes information concerning various learning opportunities provided by higher education institutions in Japan. In addition, it conducts human capacity development in the field of quality assurance. Furthermore, to increase international confidence in Japanese higher education, NIAD-UE engages in activities based on partnership and cooperation with quality assurance organizations both in Japan and overseas. NIAD-UE will continue to be active in supporting higher education institutions in Japan, while working in partnership with universities and quality assurance organizations.


Furthering the Development of Higher Education in Japan

Today, expectations of - and interest in - higher education are greater than ever, not only among those directly involved in the higher education sector, but also among the populace as a whole. In the future, NIADUE intends to achieve even greater transparency in its operations, ensuring that all of its projects, etc. are conducted appropriately and efficiently, thereby properly fulfilling its appointed mission and role. On April 1, 2016, NIAD-UE will merge with the Center for National University Finance and Management to form the National Institution for Academic Degrees and Quality Enhancement of Higher Education (NIAD-QE). The new corporation will continue to carry out the duties of both of these organizations, so NIAD-UE would greatly appreciate your continued understanding and support.

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