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General Staff

Research Department (Kenkyu-Kaihatsu-bu)
Current Position Name
Dean TAKEICHI Masato

Office of Auditing (Kansa-shitsu)
Current Position Name
Director, Office of Auditing YAMAWAKI  Masahiro

Department of Administration (Kanri-bu)
Current Position Name
Executive Director WATANABE Yasuhiro
Director, General Affairs and Policy Planning Division YAMAWAKI  Masahiro
Director, Accounting Division OKUDA Shinzo
Director, Degree Validation and Examination Division SAINO Takahiro

Department of University Evaluation (Hyoka-jigyo-bu)
Current Position Name
Executive Director KAMAZUKA Satoshi
Director, Evaluation Coordination Division OYAMADA Ryouji
Director, Evaluation Support Division NAKANO Tomoaki
Director, International Affairs Division DOKO Ritsuko

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