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Awarding of Degrees

NIAD-UE provides alternative routes to earn an academic degree (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral) for learners evaluating various learning outcomes in higher education. It awards degrees to people recognized as having the same academic ability as those who have graduated from a university undergraduate program or graduate school. In accordance with Japanese law, only universities and NIAD-UE are permitted to award degrees. The awarding of degrees by NIAD-UE is handled by the Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees established in NIAD-UE and expert committees set up in each specialty. Professors from national, public, and private universities having advanced academic background jointly conduct examinations within the Committee of Validation and Examination for Degrees and expert committees. As of FY2012, a total of 61,760 people have received NIAD-UE degrees. NIAD-UE also conducts research that is necessary for awarding degrees, and provides information services concerning the alternative learning opportunities in higher education.

The following are the two kinds of degrees awarded by NIAD-UE.
(1)Bachelor's degrees to learners who have completed study at a junior college, college of technology or a special training college.
(2) Degrees (Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral) to those who have completed a course of study at a NIAD-UE approved educational institution other than a university.

Awarding of Degrees 
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