'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring  Quality Enhancement of the 'CAMPUS Asia' Program

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July 2014 | The website ‘CAMPUS Asia Monitoring’ was launched.

'CAMPUS Asia' and Quality Assurance

'CAMPUS Asia' is a government-led initiative with the aim of strengthening exchange and cooperation with quality assurance among universities in the Japan, China and Korea.

In response to the concept of ‘CAMPUS Asia’, the Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council conducts the monitoring as a pilot project to support ‘CAMPUS Asia' in terms of quality assurance.

The monitoring project focuses on identifying good practices that encourage education quality in trilateral exchange programs, and promoting those practices throughout the higher education community.

Concept and Overview

International Affairs Division, National Institution for Academic Degrees and University Evaluation (NIAD-UE), Japan [E-mail] ca-monitoring@niad.ac.jp