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Cooperation with Other Institutions

NIAD-UE is committed to strengthening partnerships with overseas quality assurance organizations in order to help enhance the quality of higher education and facilitate quality-assured international university collaboration through transnational collaborative activities.
In particular, NIAD-UE works together with several partner organizations under bilateral Memoranda.
Also, various collaborative works have been organized with our overseas counterparts.

‘CAMPUS Asia’ Monitoring on Quality Assurance
NIAD-UE, in collaboration with quality assurance agencies in China and Korea, is carrying out quality monitoring for 'CAMPUS Asia' pilot programs (collaborative programs developed by universities of the three countries including double degree programs, semester exchanges with articulation arrangement, etc.) since 2013 as one of core activities in the Japan-China-Korea Quality Assurance Council. The monitoring focuses on identifying good practices from the standpoint of educational quality and promoting those good practices throughout the higher education community. The project also aims at drawing up joint guidelines for the quality assurance of transnational education for use by quality assurance agencies in Japan, China and Korea through a joint monitoring. For further details, please visit new website 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring.

List of Institutions with bilateral Memoranda
lnstitution Memoranda
(Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education)
2007 2012
(Higher Education Evaluation Center of the Ministry of Education)
2007 2014
(Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications)
2010 2013
(Accreditation Organisation of the Nethrelands and Flanders)
2010 2015
(Netherlands Organization for International Cooperation in Higher Education)
(Korean Council for University Education)
(Malaysian Quafication Agency)
(National Accreditation Agency for Higher Education)
(Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education)
(Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan)
2011 2014
(Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency)

Collaborative Work with Partner Agencies
time activity partner name country/region
Ongoing 'CAMPUS Asia' Monitoring HEEC, KCUE China, Korea
Ongoing Joint Technical Committee for comparability
exercise on QA processes and outcomes
MQA Malaysia
Nov 2015 Qualifications Recognition Seminar at NIAD-UE EP-Nuffic the Netherlands
Apr 2015 6th Japan-China-Korea QA Council Meeting HEEC, KCUE China, Korea
Oct 2014 ASEAN+3 QA Expert Meeting (2nd), Indonesia QA agencies ASEAN+3 countries
Sep 2014 Joint Workshop at HKCAAVQ HKCAAVQ Hong Kong
May 2014 Open Lecture at NIAD-UE HEEACT Taiwan
Mar 2014 ASEAN+3 QA Expert Meeting (1st), Vietnam QA agencies ASEAN+3 countries
Nov 2013 Seminar at AERES AERES France
Aug 2013 5th Japan-China-Korea QA Council Meeting HEEC, KCUE China, Korea
Mar 2013 Talk/ Discussion at NIAD-UE BAN-PT Indonesia
Feb 2013 Joint Workshop at NIAD-UE HKCAAVQ Hong Kong

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